Inclusion Under Pressure is a collaboration of leading Diversity, Equity and Inclusion consultants. Our aim is to make it easier for Leaders and Senior DEI professionals to keep inclusion on the agenda, despite internal and external pressures.

Leaders face competing priorities, commercial expectations, global events and constant change all risk DEI being put on the backburner, just when it is most needed. Inclusion Under Pressure is designed to ensure DEI stays relevant, useful and sustainable. It does this in three main ways:

Access to insight

• The Shortlist – a curated selection of the latest leading articles / podcasts or videos.

• A Resource Library to help leaders and practitioners track down guidance.

Connections and network building

• Confidential online sessions that bring together Leaders and Senior DEI professionals from across sectors to explore live issues and share ideas.

• Hot topic discussions that focus on specific areas like engaging the majority, the importance of data and race in the workplace.

Consultancy support

• Equipping leaders and managers with the capability to generate an ‘inclusion advantage.’

• Infrastructure development that establishes a system to support DEI in your organisation.

Who we are

Inclusion Under Pressure involves some of the UK’s most experienced Diversity, Equity and Inclusion consultants. It is a collaboration between Fantail, Pause Consultancy, Jenny Barrow Associates and Modas Personal Development.

Resource Collection

The Resource Collection brings together the best writing, videos and podcasts relating to Inclusion Under Pressure.

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